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Terms Of Use 

The following are the terms of a legal agreement between the following parties. The use of reference and its interpretations are as follows.

  • The company would refer to, mybusinessinternational, my business international or any person representing the company

  • The client would be any person or entity that partners with as an advertiser, promoter, purchases the company's products and/or services, and/or any other method, and also may refer to a person or entity who sells a product, service etc to any person, entity, or visitor who visited

  • The Visitor would be any individual or entity viewing and consuming our content and also may refer to any person or entity who decides to buy from any person or entity mentioned in

The purpose of this document is to set and understand the relationship, terms of use, and terms and conditions by which the company, the client, and the visitor are legally bound


​Any reference in this Agreement to “writing” or cognate expression includes a reference to an email sent to or or a WhatsApp message to +94777881798.

Any reference to “content” shall include owned logos, logos of any customer of a client, images, photographs, videos, audio, designs, text etc and any other media.

Any reference to "placement" shall include any kind of product or service obtained from the company including brand page, featured lists, advertisements etc. 


Kindly note that by accessing, browsing, or using this Website, its products, and services it is understood that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and to acknowledge and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


The company may, without notice to you, at any time revise these Terms of Use and any other information contained in this Website by updating this posting. My Business International may also make improvements or changes in the products, services, or programs described in this site at any time without notice.

1 is a platform for businesses in Sri Lanka and foreign buyers to meet. The organization does not endorse or recommend any client or visitor in any way or form. 


Clients would always be pleasant, and provide space for proper negotiations and be dependable and professional to the visitors


The person representing a business, including the person who communicates with the company and/or sends the brand brief and other details etc confirmes that he/she is the authorized person of the respective business,


Visitors would always be pleasant, and professional to the clients 


A 1. A visitor who intends to buy from or build a relationship with a client or/and 2. A client who intends to sell or build a relationship with a visitor would not use the company as a sole reference point to make any conclusions or decisions. The company recommends a wider and more thorough research prior to making any conclusions or decisions and the company would not be responsible in form or manner for any such representations, conclusions or decisions, and their repercussions. 


Business dealings between the respective clients and visitors are done purely on the relationships made and built between themselves. The company would by no means be responsible, or liable for any business dealings.


It would be the responsibility of the client to keep the information and content displayed that is relevant to them on the website accurate and up to date. If there be any updates please reach out to us in writing to make the amendments.


Clients who decide to showcase their business, company on the company takes personal and complete responsibility to abide by all rules and regulation set by the government of Sri Lanka and/or other applicable entities, bodies etc. 


Visitors who decide to buy or build relationships with a client takes personal and complete responsibility to abide by all rules and regulation set by the government of Sri Lanka and/or other applicable entities, bodies etc, and of any governments, entities and bodies etc applicable to them.  


Clients and visitors will always conduct business ethically abiding by all rules and regulations applicable to them


This website may contain links to other websites (the "Linked Sites"), which are not operated by and has no control over the linked sites and accepts no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of them. The use of the linked sites will be purely a personal choice and the person, entity, will be subject to the terms of use and service contained within each such site.


The client ensures and takes responsibility that all information and content provided to the company in writing are truthful and correct, original creations and authorizes the company to use them on their platforms, marketing material etc and further confirms that the company would not be held responsible for any negative incidents that may occur in using the same. 


When the client provides the company any logos, content of them in writing, it is expressly understood that they authorize the company to use them on the website, social spaces and marketing material, etc. even if it's not mentioned in literal words and terms.  


When the client provides the company any information, content, photographs, or logos of their customer or any person or entity related to them in writing it is expressly understood that they have received permission from the respective person or entity and it authorizes the company to use them on the website, social spaces and marketing material, etc even if it's not mentioned in literal words and terms. 


Information on this Web site is not promised or guaranteed to be accurate, correct, current, or complete. This site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors etc. My Business International assumes no responsibility (and expressly disclaims responsibility) for updating this website to keep the information up to date, current or to ensure the accuracy or completeness of any posted and displayed information. Accordingly, the visitors and clients should confirm the accuracy and completeness of all posted information prior to making any decision related to any visitors, clients, services, products, or other matters represented and described on this website.


The company does not endorse or recommend any brand or product. The client would take the responsibility for the products they sell to be of good quality, price, standard, follows all required direction by the government and all applicable governing bodies etc. 


The company would state the agreed package duration for the client's placement to be on the website in writing. However, depending from situation to situation the company may decide to extend the duration as per their discretion without informing the client. The client may inform the company in writing if it wishes the company to take its placement down from the website. 


A client placement with the company does not guarantee any visitor to contact them. 


The company reserves the right to edit, change, and improve any areas of a client's business details to be in line with the company satndards ( Image quality, grammar, text quality etc) 


To ease the process the company may A) liaise with another representative, employee etc of the client B) add details and content that the company feel appropriate. We would send the page for approval prior to making it public. The written approval by the client constitutes to that the page and all its content is true, correct and is in line with all of the other terms in this document. 

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